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Star Racer Blower Belt 14MM1568-84 (112 T X 3.3)

Star Racer

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Product Code: 14MM1568-84

Meet The Next Generation Blower Belt! When winning means everything, count on Star Racer, the latest in blower belt technology to hit the racing market in decades. Seven years in the making, Star Racer blower belts were developed to meet the highest standards of durability and competitive qualities that will exceed racer expectations.
Used by teams in the NHRA, PDRA, IHRA, NTPA, FIA, IHBA, ASDA and ANDRA. Star Racer Blower Belts provide double the life expectancy than normal belts and the durability to last under extreme racing conditions. Made from the highest quality rubber and silk, Star Racer blower belts are manufactured by Japanese OEM belt producers, Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd, a company that has over 90 years of belt technology experience.
Try a Star Racer blower belt today and you will see the difference! Can be used with HTD or GT profile blower pulleys.
  • 112 T X 3.3"
  • 1568-14M-84 112 tooth 3.30" wide, 61.732" long
  • Great for alch. roots blown motors
  • Double the life expectancy of typical belts
  • High durability